St Albans @ Schofields

House-and-land Package · For Sale
$916,430 *

We present you this wonderful house-land package deal in a new development site located in one of Sydney’s fast growing suburb.

Pick your favourite spot and a dwelling most suitable for you needs from a range of choices – single-storey house, double-storey house, double-storey house with granny flat and duplex.

Our experienced builder has a high standard in the quality of work and offers you flexibility with various premium upgrade options such as timber flooring.

Floorplans with dual income potential are available, which are perfect for investors.

Code Constructions has been in the business of building affordable homes on vast expanses of land for several years. Overtime, the team at Code has developed and expanded its area of expertise to include luxury homes and multi-housing units. By growing its business from the ground up, Code Constructions has learned the key to maximizing efficiency, minimizing downtime, and delivering great results. Code takes its clients’ resources and timeline seriously and endeavors to give each client unique and exquisite results that surpass their expectations.

From Plans to Reality

Code Constructions takes its clients from inception to completion of each project. Coordinating vendors, contractors, suppliers, designers, specialists, etc. can be a daunting task for a family or businessperson to undertake. By offering complete building services, Code’s team prevents clients the trouble of having to coordinate the sourcing of products and the hiring of service providers. Code takes great pride in providing their clients with peace of mind that all components of their projects will looked after. Code also provides complete packages for clients to take advantage of discount bulk rates that are available exclusively to Code from their suppliers. Additionally, Code’s packages give clients the opportunity to focus on the results that they envision rather than the nuanced details that can be all consuming for those outside of the building industry.


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